19 August 2019
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Soletrader 14/15
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This is a no frills site containing a collection of (hopefully) useful and free to use online calculators.

As this service is free don't expect a lot of support.

Also please ensure that you read, understand and accept our terms and conditions of use before using our calculators - thanks.

Current calculators are:

  Calculator Notes
Soletrader to Limited Company savings Calculator - 2014/2015 rates.
UK Payroll Calculator - 2015/2016 rates.
IOM Payroll Calculator - 2014/2015 rates.
IR35 calculator - a special calculator for contractors - compares taxation under the new IR35 rules - also calculates deemed schedule E income under the new rules

If there's a calculator we haven't provided that you (and others) would find quite useful (except fermat's last theorum) then drop us an email.. you never know it might turn up on the site.

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