17 July 2019
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Soletrader 14/15
UK payroll 15/16
IOM payroll 14/15
IR35 14/15
UK payroll 14/15
UK payroll 13/14
UK payroll 12/13
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Client variables: 
Number of months    
PSC shareholding: consultant (balance to partner)  
Gross fees (before VAT).
Pre IR35 salary.
Partner salary.
Pension contributions.
Corporate costs (accounting/admin/training).
Schedule E expenses (business mileage, meals,accommodation).

Description Pre IR35 Position   Fail IR35 Position
Consultant Partner   Consultant Partner
Salary/deemed salary    
Net dividend      
Total income    
Income tax    
Employees NI    
Corporate costs    
Add back: 5% IR35 allowance    
Total disposable income    
Add back pension    
Combined totals    
Effective rate of tax/NI (%)    

Reconciliation: Consultant Partner   Consultant Partner
Salary/deemed salary    
Employers NI    
Pension contributions    
Schedule E costs    
Corporate costs    
IR35 5% expense allowance    
Corporation tax      
Net dividends      
Total = Gross Fees    

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