17 July 2019
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Why should self employed tradesmen/professionals operate through a limited company?

Firstly, because it will legally reduce your tax and national insurance bill and increase your "take home" pay.

See the results for yourself. Input your weekly pay in the box below (weekly pay should be income less business expenses eg., the cost of materials that you have supplied) and press the Compute button.

The increase in your take home pay could be between the amounts shown in the weekly savings figures below (the actual amount saved will depend upon your particular circumstances such as whether you are single, or have a partner that works).

Weekly fees (before VAT).

Weekly savings 0 to 0

Secondly, as a self employed person, if something goes wrong in your business, or, for example, a vindictive customer believes that you have done something wrong, then you could face personal bankruptcy and your home and other assets could be at risk.

By using a limited liability company, you have limited liability, and it is the assets of the company that are at risk and not your personal assets.

If you would like to understand how you might benefit by trading through a limited company rather than as a sole trader then please email kyle@ezacs.com or call us on 01384 297877 for a no obligation chat.

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